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Cookies Consent

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was created in December 2015 and designed to ensure the rights of European citizens to basic data protection standards.

The legislation idea is to create a set of rules for the entire EU, which uphold the highest standards of data privacy. Despite being an EU regulation, the GDPR will apply to any site that collects data from EU citizens. This means that if you are running a WordPress website, and some of your users reside in the EU, the GDPR technically applies to you. 

Blocksy has a built in extension to comply with this GDPR regulations and inform your visitors that the site is collecting their cookies.

Activating the Cookies Consent Extension

Head over to WordPress DashboardBlocksyExtensions and click the Activate button on Cookies Consent extension.

Important Notice

Cookies Consent will block analytics codes until it is accepted

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