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Local Google Fonts

Google Fonts is an amazing service that is provided free of charge to any web developer who might want to integrate beautiful fonts into their website. But, as all the free things in life, it doesn’t come without some caveats. When adding Google Fonts to your website, you’re required to load them remotely from Google’s servers, which in turn can lead to reduced performance, or privacy concerns, especially in the EU.

Blocksy aims to solve these issues by providing local caching on your own web server of these Google Fonts. With this option, you’ll cut down on one more external request when loading your website, thus speeding up your load time and increasing privacy for your visitors.

Activation & Usage

To activate the Local Google Fonts Extension, simply navigate to your WordPress Dashboard -> Blocksy -> Extensions -> Pro Extensions -> Local Google Fonts. Once activated, you’ll be able to select the fonts you wish to cache locally on your web server and download them.

Activation & Configuration of the Local Google Fonts Extension
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