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Shop Extra

Blocksy 2 introduces a groundbreaking evolution for your WooCommerce store: Shop Extra! This powerful extension, formerly known as WooCommerce Extra, has been transformed into a comprehensive suite of individual modules, each designed to elevate your store’s functionality and user experience.

Shop Extra empowers you to craft a seamless and engaging shopping journey for your customers. Here’s a glimpse into the exciting modules at your disposal:

  • Floating Cart – Keep the “Add to Cart” button readily accessible at all times, even while scrolling product pages, for an effortless purchasing experience.
  • Quick View – Allow customers to swiftly preview product details without leaving the current page, minimising disruptions and boosting browsing efficiency.
  • Filters – Refine your shop’s filtering options, empowering customers to navigate and discover your products with greater ease and precision.
  • Wish List – Introduce the ever-popular Wishlist feature, enabling customers to save desired products for future consideration or sharing with loved ones.
  • Compare View – Facilitate informed decision-making by allowing customers to compare two or more products simultaneously within a beautiful user interface.
  • Variation Swatches – Showcase product variations through attractive color, image, and button swatches, providing customers with a clear and interactive understanding of their options.
  • Product Brands – Organise your products by brand, creating a more structured and user-friendly browsing experience.
  • Custom Tabs – Craft informative tabs specifically tailored to your products, offering additional details and enhancing product pages with valuable content.
  • Size Guide – Provide customers with clear and accessible size guides for size-dependent products, ensuring a confident and accurate buying experience.
  • Custom “Order Confirmation” Pages – Design custom “Order Confirmation” pages, injecting a touch of personalisation and branding into the final stage of the customer journey.
  • Advanced Reviews – Elevate your product review system with the ability to include images, votes, and aggregated ratings, fostering trust and social proof.
  • Free Shipping Bar – Motivate customers to increase their cart value by displaying a visual indicator of how much closer they are to qualifying for free shipping.
  • Advanced Gallery – Expand your design possibilities with additional single product gallery layouts, catering to your unique aesthetic preferences.
  • Product Share Box – Integrate social sharing buttons, allowing customers to effortlessly share their favorite products across their social networks.
  • Search by SKU – Leverage Blocksy’s built-in search elements, empowering customers to find products quickly and efficiently using product SKUs.
  • Affiliate Product Links – Access additional features specifically designed to streamline affiliate marketing strategies within your online store.
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