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WooCommerce Extra

The WooCommerce Extra extension adds cool new features to your e-commerce website. These include a Quick View card, to easily check out a product without breaking your concentration, a Floating Cart CTA for the Single Product pages, letting your users quickly add their favourite products to the cart, Off-Canvas Filters and Cart, to easily clean up the look of your website and three more Single Product page layouts.

To activate it, simply go to the Blocksy Dashboard -> Extensions -> Pro Extensions -> WooCommerce Extra and click on the Activate button.

Activating the WooCommerce Extra Extension

Quick View

Quick View in Action

The Quick View pane lets your visitors quickly check one of your products, directly from the Products Archive page, or any other view that uses the WooCommerce loop. Your visitors are presented with the short description of the product, its price and cart actions.

Enabling Quick View is easy. Simply go to the Customiser -> Products Archive -> Card Options -> Quick View and toggle the setting to ON.

The Trigger On option lets you customise the place from where the Quick View card gets triggered. This gives you some interesting combinations for achieving minimalism with your shop.

Floating Cart

Floating Cart in Action

The Floating Cart feature is super interesting and comes in really handy to always attract the attention of your shopper by always displaying the Cart Actions.

It can be activated by going to the Customiser -> Single Product -> Floating Cart. It can be displayed at the Top or Bottom.

Off Canvas Filters

Off Canvas Filters in Action

The Off Canvas Filter pane lets you get rid of the shop’s sidebar for a more minimalist look. They work in the exact same way as the filters inside the sidebar, but they’re hidden and pop up on demand.

To enable the Off Canvas Filter, first populate it with some widgets inside the Appearance -> Widgets area, then from the Customiser -> Products Archive -> Off Canvas Filter and turn it ON.

Off Canvas Cart

Off Canvas Cart in Action

The Off Canvas Cart pane is exactly like the Filter, letting you hide the Cart contents behind a nice slide in card.

You can easily enable it by going to the Customiser -> Header -> Cart element -> Cart Drawer and choosing the Off Canvas design.

Single Product Layouts

Three New Single Product page layouts

You get three additional Single Product page layouts with this extension.

  • Type 1 – Classic layout with a Blocksy touch
  • Type 2 – a full screen gallery
  • Type 3 – grid layout, classic.
  • Type 4 – beautiful carousel view for the gallery

Simply go to the Customiser -> Single Product section and scroll down.

Each Gallery layout has additional options, accessible by going to the Gallery Options section.

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