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Product Reviews

Product Reviews Extension

Blocksy’s Product Reviews extension is very useful, when a product reviews website or a section of the website needs to be created, as it possesses all the functionality needed for that.

Without further ado let’s dive in on how to work with it.

How to Activate Extension

Navigate to Blocksy Companion > Extensions > Product Reviews and press “Activate

After the activation process the “Product Reviews” tab will be available from WP navigation panel.

Extension Overview

The are three sub tabs under “Product Reviews” tab:

  • All Reviews
  • Add New Review
  • Categories

All Reviews” subtab consists of all reviews you have created.

Add New Review” subtab lets you create a new product review.

Categories” subtab lets you control product categories (add, edit and delete).

Creating a Product Review

Clicking “Add New Review” tab, you can add a new product review.

Here is how:

Add Title” – a name of the product (example: DJI Ronin-S )

Description” – description of the product

Next, we have a “Blocksy Settings” – multiple input fields section at the bottom of the page.

Blocksy Settings” has two tabs: “General” and “Rating”.

General” tab consists of:

  • Gallery” – photos of a product
  • Affiliate Button Label” – word(s) on the affiliate button (example: Buy Now)
  • Affiliate Link” – link to the product page
  • Read More Button Label” – word(s) on the “Read More” button (example: Read More)
  • Small Description” – description of the product

Rating” tab consists of:

  • Scores” – KPIs of a product. A product can have one or several KPI graded from 1 to 5. Overall score = Total number of scores divided by Total number of KPIs
  • Product specs” – List of product specifications
  • Pros” – Pros of a product
  • Cons” – Cons of a product

Each “Product Review” post has other common “Post” settings like “Featured Image”, “Categories”, etc.,.

Displaying Product Reviews

There are 2 ways to achieve that:

Way #1:

Navigate to Appearance > Menus > Add menu items > Product Reviews > View All tab

Check “All Reviews” and press “Add to Menu” button and then press “Save Menu” button

Way #2:

You may create your own new page for product reviews and add blocksy_posts shortcode. That way you have much more customization possibilities.

Here is how to do that:

Create a new page in your WP admin panel.

In Gutenberg editor add “Shortcode” block

And type in the following text:

This shortcode will output all Product Reviews on a page. For more customizations, you can read documentation on Blocksy posts shortcode

Next navigate to Appearance > Menus > Add menu items > Pages

Check the page you have created and press “Add to Menu” button and then press “Save Menu” button

Customizer Settings for Product Reviews

Navigate to Customizer > Post Types > Product Reviews 

Product Reviews” section consists of:

  • “Product Reviews Structure” – layout of all product reviews
  • “Cards Options” – elements of single product review 
  • “Page Elements” – sidebar and pagination
  • “Functionality Options” – cards reveal effect (on/off)

Single Product Reviews” section consists of:

  • Content Area Style – wide or boxed
  • Content Area Vertical Spacing – top & bottom spacing
  • Product Review Elements – different elements
  • Page Elements – different elements


To change Single Slug or/and Category Slug press Configure button from the extension card:

Change the slug in the following pop-up window:

And then press “Save”. The Save process will automatically trigger a Permalinks regeneration so that the new slugs take place immediately.

This is very useful when you want to have slugs translated in other languages or when the product-review terminology is not relevant to your niche.

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