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Advanced Product Reviews

Encourage your customers to interact and create a sense of community by enhancing the WooCommerce product reviews with the Advanced Reviews module from the Shop Extra extension. The module introduces a range of new features that transform good old boring reviews into interactive and informative elements, boosting customer confidence and increasing sale numbers.

To get started, you simply have to turn on the “Advanced Reviews” module in the main Blocksy Extensions pane. The new features are automatically enabled and a new Customiser pane is added, letting you configure each feature of the module.

Enabling the “Advanced Reviews” module from the Shop Extra extension.

Key Features

  • Integrated Voting System: Get your customers to rate reviews using a visual voting system. This approach allows shoppers to quickly gauge the overall sentiment of a product without reading lengthy reviews.
  • Informative Photos: Increase customer interactions with reviews with the ability to add photos. Customers can showcase the product in action, provide visual comparisons, or highlight specific features, adding depth and credibility to their feedback.
  • Compelling Titles: Customers can provide more comprehensive reviews by allowing them to add titles to their feedback. This simple yet effective feature prompts customers to focus on the essence of their experience.
  • Aggregate Score with Breakdown: Gain valuable insights by displaying the overall aggregate score of all reviews, along with a breakdown of star ratings. This visual representation provides a clear overview of the product’s reputation and highlights areas for improvement.

Granular Control

Reviews Order

Specify the default order of the product reviews. Options can range from ascending or descending order of the date when the reviews were posted, an order that takes into consideration the average score of the reviews and an option to sort by most relevant reviews, which might’ve received ratings and comments.

Average Score

Choose if you want to display the average score of that specific product.

Review Title

The ability to let users add a short title to the review.

Image Upload

Control the ability to let users upload their own photos to a product review.

Image Lightbox

This can let the small image thumbnails open into a nice light box full-screen gallery, so that potential customers can see the pictures in their full glory.

Review Voting

Let your visitors decide if a review is constructive or not, via a simple thumbs up/down voting system.

Allowed Users

This option lets you set which users are allowed to add their vote to an already posted review.

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