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Free Shipping Bar

Activating the Free Shipping Bar module.

In the competitive world of eCommerce, enticing customers to add more items to their carts can be a strategic advantage. Blocksy Pro’s Shop Extra extension offers a powerful tool to achieve this: the Free Shipping Progress Bar. This user-friendly module motivates customers by visually illustrating how much closer they are to qualifying for free shipping with their current cart total.

The Free Shipping Progress Bar acts as a subtle nudge, encouraging customers to explore additional items that might push their cart total over the free shipping threshold. This real-time feedback empowers informed purchasing decisions, potentially leading to increased sales and overall revenue growth for your store.

Free Shipping Progress Bar in action.

Granular Controls

Once activated, the Free Shipping Progress Bar can be meticulously configured within the Customiser. Navigate to Customiser -> WooCommerce General -> Free Shipping Bar to unlock a range of customisation options that empower you to tailor the bar’s behaviour and messaging to perfectly align with your store’s needs.

Show In

  • Strategic Placement: Define where the Free Shipping Progress Bar appears within your store. Choose from displaying it on the Cart Page, the Checkout Page, or even integrate it into the Mini Cart Pop-Up for maximum visibility and impact.

Calculation Method

  • Tailored Calculation Methods: Select the method by which the progress bar calculates how close customers are to achieving free shipping. You have the flexibility to:
    • Utilise a Custom Calculation Method: This allows you to define a specific Price Threshold or a required Number of Items in the cart to qualify for free shipping.
    • Leverage the WooCommerce Built-In Method: Choose this option to rely on WooCommerce’s existing free shipping settings for progress calculation.

Discount Calculation

  • Discount Consideration: Determine whether to Include or Exclude Coupon Codes when calculating the progress towards free shipping. This option grants you control over how discounts affect the displayed progress.


  • Crafting Compelling Messages: Craft two key messages displayed within the progress bar. Utilise the first message to Entice Users to Spend More and nudge them closer to the free shipping threshold. Conversely, use the second message to Congratulate Customers on achieving free shipping, reinforcing the positive outcome of their purchase decisions.
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