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Affiliate Product Links

Activating the “Affiliate Product Links” module.

Within the Blocksy Pro ecosystem, the Shop Extra extension unlocks a treasure trove of functionalities specifically designed to empower you in the realm of affiliate marketing. The “Affiliate Product Links” module serves as a cornerstone feature, offering a comprehensive suite of tools to seamlessly integrate external WooCommerce products into your website and optimise the user experience for your visitors.

The “Affiliate Product Links” module prioritises user experience by allowing you to configure how external WooCommerce products are displayed. Here’s how it empowers you:

  • Direct Linking: Eliminate unnecessary page redirects by enabling the module to directly link the featured image or product title to the corresponding external affiliate site. This fosters a smoother user journey, allowing visitors to navigate effortlessly between your website and the affiliate product page.
  • Informed User Choice: Provide enhanced user control by activating the option to open the “Buy Now” button in a new tab. This empowers users to explore the affiliate product while remaining on your website, fostering trust and potentially leading to increased engagement and click-through rates.

Effortless Activation for Streamlined Integration

Activate in a Flash: Within your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Blocksy Extensions -> Shop Extra and activate the “Affiliate Product Links” module.

Granular Controls

The “Affiliate Product Links” module offers a range of configuration options to personalize how external WooCommerce products link within your website. This empowers you to create a user-friendly experience that aligns with your affiliate marketing strategy.

Product Archive Configuration:

  • Image Affiliate Link: Control whether clicking the featured image within a product card on the product archive page redirects users directly to the external affiliate link (defined in the product’s properties). An additional option allows you to choose whether this link opens in a new tab, ensuring users remain on your website while exploring the affiliate product.
  • Title Affiliate Link: Similarly, you can choose whether clicking the product title on the product archive page redirects users to the external affiliate link. The option to open this link in a new tab is also available here, providing further user control.
  • Open “Buy Now” Button in New Tab: This option allows you to configure the “Buy Now” button within the product archive to open in a new tab when clicked. This empowers users to seamlessly navigate to the affiliate product page without leaving your website, potentially increasing click-through rates.

Single Product Configuration:

  • Image Affiliate Link: Define whether clicking on any image within the single product gallery directly links users to the external affiliate link. The option to open this link in a new tab is also available for a user-centric experience.
  • Open “Buy Now” Button in New Tab: This option mirrors the functionality for the product archive, allowing you to configure the “Buy Now” button on the single product page to open in a new tab upon clicking.
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