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Product Filters

The Product Filters extension for WooCommerce offer an extensive solution for quickly letting your visitors filter their products by category or by an attribute that has been added to the product listings. They are very easy to work with, so follow along.

Activating the Filters sub-extension.

To activate the Product Filters sub-extension, please go to the main Blocksy Dashboard -> Extensions -> Shop Extra -> Filters. Once these have been activated, a new Shop Filters widget should be available in your main widgets customisation pane.

Granular Controls

Filter By

This option should let you select how you’d like these filters to behave. More specifically, what to filter by. Category will let your visitors filter the products by their categories, while Attribute will let your visitors filter the products by their attributes.

Display Type

Here, you can select how these filters will look like on the front-end. List will display them as a normal list, while Inline displays them all in a single line, that can span multiple rows.

Multiple Selections

This changes the behaviour of the filters, meaning that you can have your shop be filtered only once, or have the shop be filtered using advanced relationships by selecting multiple filtering criteria.

Show Counter

This shows a little counter indicating how many products are in that category.

Show Hierarchy

If the selected filtering method has multiple parent-child item relationships in their criteria, this option will let you show the hierarchy between those terms.

Show Checkboxes

In case you’ve turned on the Multiple Selections option, this will let you hide or show the checkboxes that are accompanying each filter button.

Show Reset Button

Shows a simple reset button, that removes all active filters at once.

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