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Quick View Extension

The Quick View extension lets your visitors quickly browse your available products and make quick decisions. It is extremely helpful if your visitors want to quickly find additional information about your products, without navigating away from the product listing page and breaking their concentration.

Quick View in action

Enabling Quick View

Enabling Quick View

Turning on Quick View is extremely easy. All you have to do is navigate to the Customizer -> WooCommerce -> Product Archives -> Quick View.

This option will enable the Quick View feature for the Product Archive pages and the Related & Upsells section of your Single Product pages.

There’s even a handy option that will let you decide how you’d like the Quick View modal to open. You can choose between showing the Quick View Button, triggering the modal by clicking the Image of the product, or even the whole Product Card.


Please note, the WooCommerce Extra extension must be first enabled before accessing the Quick View options.

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