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Turning on the Wishlist extension

The Wishlist extension can come in really handy if you want to let your users create a list of products that they may share on social networks for that special surprise gift coming to them. It is very simple to work with and automatically integrates with WooCommerce-based pages.

To turn on the extensions, navigate to the Blocksy Dashboard -> Extensions -> Pro Extensions -> Shop Extra -> Wishlist. Doing so should enable the Wishlist functionality for the Customiser, such as the header element and product page elements.

Enabling various Wishlist elements

Wishlist Buttons Showcase

Here are a few examples where the “Add to Wishlist” button might be present.

Wishlist buttons on archives

Note: The Wishlist feature also supports adding specific variations to the list. This can be controlled via the Customiser -> WooCommerce General -> Products Wishlist -> Specific Product Variation 

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