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Turning on the Wishlist extension

The Wishlist module, included in Blocksy Pro’s Shop Extra extension, empowers you to elevate the customer experience within your WooCommerce store. This user-friendly feature allows visitors to curate a personalised list of desired products, fostering a sense of engagement and potentially leading to increased conversions.

Benefits of the Wishlist Module

  • Gift-Giving Made Easy: The Wishlist functionality provides a convenient way for customers to compile a collection of desired products, perfect for sharing with friends, family, or significant others during gift-giving occasions. Social media integration allows for easy sharing of these wishlists, streamlining the gifting process.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By enabling customers to save desired products for future consideration, the Wishlist module fosters a more engaging shopping experience. This feature allows users to revisit items of interest at their convenience, potentially leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Seamless Integration:┬áThe Wishlist module integrates flawlessly with your WooCommerce-based shop pages. This effortless integration ensures a smooth user experience without any disruptive elements.

Enabling the Wishlist Module

Activating the Wishlist functionality is a simple process. Navigate to the Blocksy Dashboard -> Extensions -> Pro Extensions -> Shop Extra -> Wishlist. Once enabled, Wishlist features become available within the Customizer, granting you control over elements like the header wishlist icon and product page wishlist button.

Available Wishlist options.

Controlling the Wishlist module

The Wishlist module introduces the Wishlist header element, providing your visitors with effortless access to their wishlists directly from the header section of your website. This convenient placement encourages users to revisit and potentially convert their desired products into purchases. For a detailed exploration of the configuration options available for the Wishlist header element, please refer to our documentation –

Enabling the “Add to Wishlist” button on product archive pages –

Empowering your customers to effortlessly add products to their wishlists directly from product archive pages is a breeze. Navigate to the Customizer -> Product Archives -> Card Options -> Additional Actions. Locate the Wishlist button toggle and simply switch it on. This simple step streamlines the wishlist creation process for your visitors, potentially increasing engagement and conversions.

Activating the Wishlist button on product archives.

Enabling the “Add to Wishlist” button on single product pages –

Enhance the functionality of your single product pages by enabling the “Add to Wishlist” button. This allows visitors to conveniently add desired products to their wishlists directly from the product page itself. To activate this feature, navigate to the Customizer -> Single Product -> Product Elements -> Additional Actions. Locate the Wishlist button and click the small eye icon next to it. This action ensures the button appears and empowers a seamless wishlist creation experience for your customers.

Activating the Wishlist button on single product pages.

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